Canoe Navy SEAL workout! - Nuuchahnulth Language Video

T'ashii Paddle School guides make a goofy video to practice Nuu-chah-nulth (Nuučaanuł) language (central region dialect).

Turn the volume up all the way! Canoe navy SEAL workout. Nuuchahnulth language! Tla-o-qui-aht Country, Tofino. Thank you, Levi Martin, for all your help with the script. Thank you, Joe Martin, for making the best canoes. Thank you T'ashii Paddle School for the canoe and guide time. Thank you, Kay The Aquanaut for granting us permission to use the Row Boat song. Thank you, Terrell and Thomas, for being naturally hilarious, adorable, and willing to try new things. Thank you to the elders who continued to breathe life into our language when nuns and priests tried to take it away. We are grateful.